28 August 2015

Common server errors that I managed to find in kubernetes maillist (possible not very related to production OPs since many are asking beginner questions):

  • Misconfiguration or mis-setup; version mismatch; software bug
  • Service failed to start. service outputs error in log. service status fail. command outputs fail.
  • Network down. Network unable to connected. Firewall issue.
  • Process dies (especially the proxy process).
  • Network or something misconfiguration.
  • Process/service becomes non-responsive
  • Anybody reporting disk degradation/corruption error?

Kubernetes has a HA doc, which happens to have summarized some common failure modes:

  • VM(s) shutdown
  • Network partition within cluster, or between cluster and users.
  • Crashes in Kubernetes software
  • Data loss or unavailability of persistent storage (e.g. GCE PD or AWS EBS volume).
  • Operator error misconfigures kubernetes software or application software.

I also checked openstack-operator maillist for more failure modes

  • Unexpected cpu/disk high usage.
  • Dhcp down / unable to acquire ip address
  • An operation (usually VM spawning) forever

Something in common linux failures

  • Read-only file system error (i.e. FS corrupt, or no free space)
  • Kernel panic
  • Kernel softlockup / hardlockup

This paper gives a relative frequency chart of hardware failures that need replacement. 1 high-performance computing cluster (HP1) and 2 internet service providers (COM1, COM2)

LVM concept layout

Disk failures in the real world: What does an MTTF of 1,000,000 hours mean to you? shows that

  • Disk failures exhibit significant levels of autocorrelation in time (failures follow failures in time)

RAIDShield: Characterizing, Monitoring, and Proactively Protecting Against Disk Failures reveals that

  • Reallocated sectors correlates strongly with impending disk failures
  • Many disks fail at a similar age
  • Accumulation of sector errors contributes to the whole-disk failure, causing disk reliability to deteriorate continuously, and eventually fail shortly or suffer a larger burst of sector errors. (RS can be observed)

We can download public computer failure datasets at

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